What’s Involved, and Things to Consider….

Think I’ve covered most important factors here, but if I’ve missed anything please give me a call and ask!

Making a booking

If you would like to book a session, email me on karin@karingreevyphotography.com with your contact details  – or use the contact page on this website.

I am usually free on Thursdays and Fridays, and also usually at weekends.

It’s best to shoot when the light is soft, so either early morning or late afternoon – mid-day is usually too harsh if it’s a sunny day.  If it’s light cloud, then anytime of day should be fine.  If the weather is particularly bad, ie heavy rain, then we will reschedule.  In the winter though snow can be fun, and provide some different images.  If you are booking the shoot because you would like a larger piece of artwork for a wall, then light is a major consideration in terms of technical photographic factors.  If you are after a smaller photographic image or an album then this is not such an issue.

I will send you an invoice for the booking which is payable in advance.  If something happens and the session has to be cancelled, there will be no problem with refunding the session fee.  Bank transfer is my preferred method, but Paypal is another option too.

Choosing a location, and points to consider

At the time of booking we will have a chat about where you would like the shoot to take place and any specific ideas you might have for shots.  It would be useful to get some information on your pet too, such as size and colour, and particularly helpful to get an idea of your pet’s character and what kind of personality you would like the images to portray.

I can take portrait shots, head or full body, either in close proximity or at a distance to include some of the surrounding landscape.

Action shots are also a possibility, particularly if your dog is a real live-wire and this is a major part of their personality that you would like portrayed in images.

We could even try some quirky detail shots, like feet or eyes, perhaps even with a part of the owner incorporated too.  The sky’s the limit, and if you have your own ideas on this kind of shot, I’ll try my best!

And of course, pets are a treasured part of the family, so if you would like to be included in some of the images too that’s fine.

Preparation for the session

Hopefully you will find the shoot a fun experience.  You may wish to have your pet groomed if necessary a few days beforehand – particularly if their eyes tend to be partially covered by hair at times.  Eyes are a very important part of an image.

If your pet has any favourite toys then please bring those along, particularly if there is one thing that he/she will do anything for!  Your help will come in  handy in getting your pet’s attention for some shots so anything that helps this will be great!

If your pet is a bit of a live-wire, then it may be helpful to exercise them a wee bit earlier in the day if possible.  If they are a bit timid or shy then I will spend a bit of time to start with letting them get used to me and the camera.

What happens after

I will provide at least 25 images in an online gallery for you to have a look at in the comfort of your own home – number of images depends on session type.   These images will have been hand-edited, which takes time, so the online gallery will be posted on my website around 2 weeks after the session.  Further editing will be done if necessary on any that are chosen to be printed – this might include cleaning up mucky eyes and suchlike.

We can have a chat on the telephone about any images that you would like printed, and how you would like these done.  If you are interested in a piece of wall art, such as canvas or acrylic pieces, then I can bring samples to your home for you to have a look at to help you decide.  If you would like a collage or an album then I will be happy to sit and look through images with you, taking sizes and number of images into consideration for the final product.

Once you have decided on products I will send you a quote, and if you want to proceed I will place the order with the professional lab that I use and send you an invoice.  Your products should be available in around 4 weeks from date of order.


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